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The famous writer of plays and sonnets, William Shakespeare, writes "The swiftest hours as they flew" or in laymans language, "As time flies" . Certainly this is the case at the Savannah Arts Academy. Today is August 30. 2019. We have already finished four weeks of school. Next week progress reports will be handed out to students. I've worked hard to create a presence for the Piano Department at Savannah Arts Academy. It was only this week that I completed a website and placed it on the main menu of the SAA webpage. I have also completed the lineup for our first concert "Americana Meets the Classics" which will be held on Wednesday September 18, 2019 at SAA main auditorium at 7:00 pm. I hope that all piano students, parent and friends of the piano department will be in attendance. The students are working hard to perfect their repertoire.

I'm looking forward to many positive events here at SAA in the upcoming months.

We have the "Piano Cannibals" concert and "Piano Fest" coming up later in the fall November 13 and 14. Next semester there is "Dueling Pianos" concert. I'm talking to Mr. Lockley about the possibility of traveling to NYC with the piano majors in the spring of 2020.

Please keep visiting the Blog page for updates and new information about the piano department. Have a safe and productive Labor Day Holiday.

I will be posting updates soon.


Dr. Christopher Chandler Ed.D Director of Piano

Savannah Arts Academy


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